Swinging Around Aspen

What comes to your mind when you think of Aspen? Snow, skiing, beauty, serenity, a peaceful getaway? Well I thought of the above too when I planned our trip to the gorgeous ski-town of Aspen. Little did I know!

It took one swing, to swing the momentum of our otherwise peaceful trip.

“The rapids were thrilling enough.” I tried.

“C’mon mom, that was like meditative rafting,” said the eight-year-old.

“Only because of the natural beauty and clear water, the rapids were very rough.” I tried again.

“A speed bump is too rough for you.”

“Mommy is a baby.” Aagh! The collective chanting again!

And so, the six of us- three kids, a nephew, and mommy and daddy – drove into the ‘Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park’ the next morning. The panoramic views from the mountain-topped theme park, surrounding the Colorado Rocky Mountains, were to die for. Um, well, let me rephrase that last bit (for my own comfort). The panoramic views from the mountain-topped theme park, surrounding the Colorado Rocky Mountains, were jaw dropping.

One moment I was enjoying the view from the safety of the viewing deck, and the next I was shouting, begging, threatening- all in the same breath.

“Absolutely not.”

“I forbid you.”


“It doesn’t look safe guys!”

My sweet five-year-old held onto my fingers, pulling me behind, both of us teary eyed. The battle was lost. The two of us looked on, as the rest of them were being buckled into the ‘Giant Canyon Swing’, one of the top ten most extreme thriller rides of the USA. It looked more like a titanic pendulum, perched right at the edge of the mountain, 1300 feet above the mighty Colorado River.

Were the giant nails loose, or was I imagining it? Well, the moment for any sort of warning had passed, for I could already see the loves of my life being flung off the mountain edge! My heart was slamming in my rib cage, tears rolling down my cheeks and my mind was a jumble of thoughts.

“What if the nails come off?”

“What if the harness isn’t fastened?”

“What will I tell my nephews parents?”

Chanting the Lords name over and over again, I prayed for their safe return. At last, the seemingly never ending two minutes, finally passed. They came running towards me, cheeks flushed, eyes twinkling, their adrenaline running high, and their sheer joy was palpable. They crushed me and the little one in a tight hug, trying to soothe us.

“Can we go again Mom? Pretty please?” said the I fear-no-one-eight-year-old.

“I’ll throw you off the cliff if you try scaring me again!”

“Don’t worry Mom, the swing will do that for you.”

picture credit: pinterest

4 thoughts on “Swinging Around Aspen

  1. Beautifully written! I am the nephew mentioned above. The words bring back the memories vividly.

    Aspen is heavenly. Well, maybe not. I doubt that heaven would have anything like the “Giant Canyon Swing”, which was terrifying!

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