Wait! Where Did The Water Go?


“Do you work for Microsoft?”

Turning around I smiled at the red-cheeked old lady.

“Me? Nah.”

“My apologies for assuming, it was your bags.  I thought you were returning home.”

I could feel, more than see the rolling of my husband’s eyes.

“We don’t travel light, do we? We are here just for a short holiday actually.” I replied smiling at her angelic face.

That really shocked her.  Taking our bags off the belt, we left, bidding the plump, rosy, old lady a farewell.

It hit me later that our being an Indian family must have sparked the thought in her.  After all, Seattle is the hub for Microsoft (where we Indians tend to thrive) and is not really known as a vacation hot-spot.

But our quest for the perfect waterfront  log-cabin had brought us all the way here.

Now on interstate 5, our family of five, was on our way to our travel destination, Alderbrook.

“That’s Mount Rainier, guys!”.


“The snow cap looks manufactured”

“Slow down, I’m trying to click a picture.”

“Argh! My lemonade spilt!”

And so it continued. The rest of our one and half our drive was enjoyable.  Great music, chitchatting, munching on goodies and the picturesque scenery kept us merry….and before we knew it, we were heading into the drive-way of the Alderbrook resort.  Lush greenery followed by a huge log-cabin/cottage welcomed us.  It’s rustic charm and warm ambience soothed our jet-lag.  Two furry, fluffy cats lazed on the rugs by the fire-place opposite the reception area. Instantly, I found myself in need of a warm blanket and a nap.  My longing must have reflected on my face, because the sweet receptionist approached me, “That’s Alder and that’s Brooke.”

“They look so relaxed, all they need is a book and hot chocolate.”  I joked.

Smiling, she said, “Let me show you to your cottage, I’m sure you’ll find it to your liking.”

On one side of the water-front property were the rooms and suites surrounding the pool area. The golf course was situated at the mountain top, the lush green lawns overlooked the cinematic view. Rabbits hoped across as we walked through the beautiful gardens towards our cottage. Our three-bedroom private cottage sat at the corner, on the board-walk.  It was a beautiful sight.  City life seemed like a faraway thing for now. Our charming cottage had a porch with a swing, a living area with a fire-place (in which already bloomed a crackling fire) and best of all, a small library.  All the ingredients for a perfect relaxing get-away!  Throws, pillows and rugs were scattered thoughtfully all over, inviting as well as enticing us for a nap, a read, a cuddle.

There was just one thing playing on my mind; how to keep my youngest from falling off the porch and into the water.

“Welcome to your home for the next few days, we are at your service should you need anything,” offered the Receptionist.

All I remember after that was testing the over-sized recliner in the living room and sinking into its soothing softness. I sighed in bliss and closed my eyes for just a second.

I woke up to the sound of loud chirping.  From my vantage point, through the window, I could see the morning rise over the lake, centuries old pine trees dotted the shoreline.  Was I dreaming?  My sore neck reminded me to get up and I knew that this magical vision was real.  This is the reason we had travelled all the way from home, for this pristine, untouched beauty of a sight.  Grabbing my phone for an undisturbed picture, I unlocked the door and walked out on the porch.  I don’t know how, but I managed to trip on the wooden porch-floor and SWISH…. my phone soared from my hand  and into the lake.

Oh no! My heart started racing.  Walking up behind me, my husband sleepily asked me, ”What’s wrong?”

Turning awkwardly, I replied, “My phone is gone.”


“In the lake! I didn’t even hear a splash, it’s just gone.”


“I was just trying to capture the heavenly sunrise over the mountains and lake.”


“It’s not funny, I was still in my sleep.  I don’t know how I slipped.”


“That’s enough! This isn’t amusing. My camera, music, data are all gone for the rest of the holiday.”  I wallowed in self-pity.

“Look behind.” Still laughing, he naughtily nudged me.

So, I did, looked behind and below.

“Wait! What? The lake disappeared? I was tired, I know, but surely I saw the water hit the porch last evening.”

“Of-course you did.”


“It’s a Fjord (a long and narrow winding inlet of the sea between high cliffs) not a lake.”

“Oh! I thought only Norway has Fjords.”

“We are on a Fjord at Hood-Canal right  now.  It was high-tide when we came in last evening and since its low-tide now, your phone has landed safely on the soft marsh below.”

“Oh, lucky me.”

“Grab your shoes, let’s walk on the shore-line while the tide is low.”

“And let’s get  my phone to finally get those amazing shots.”


pictures credit: self; child number 3