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On Wednesdays, we wear pink!




photos by Kaoverii Marapon

Dress: Nasty Gal
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Flats: Bloch 

Sometimes wearing a pink dress is enough to make you feel sort of giddy. The same kind of giddy you get from playing with kittens or watching Mean Girls for the 1500th time. That’s kind of the fun of fashion isn’t it? Putting on a different persona and figuring out who you want to be that day, and if maybe you want to adopt a facet of that persona permanently.




BCBG Dinner at La Pentola, feat. the lovely Jen of Her Waise Choice

I was lucky enough to be invited to dinner this past Saturday with Lubov Azria, the CCO Of BCBGMaxAzria. It was such  fun experience, it was so great to meet Lubov and the rest of the BCBG team, not to mention all the Vancouver area stylists, bloggers, and media personalities who made it out.

It was just what I needed to meet so many strong women who aren’t afraid to do what they love. Even though I have been a redditor for years, I was appalled at the recent exposure that mens rights activists have received from the Santa Barbara tragedy. I’ve always brushed off MRA subreddits like r/TheRedPill, thinking that it was a minuscule pocket of weirdos and basement dwellers and that it wasn’t a big deal. The Isla Vista shooting brought me out of that bubble though, and made me realize that even if it’s just the tiniest percentage of the population, it’s still a problem. However, the unexpected reality check came with more than just men who hate women. In the weeks that followed, I realized that there are also women who hate women, and so called feminists who believe that girls who choose to pursue conventionally feminine paths (such as being stay at home moms, make up artists, hairdressers, stylists etc.) are hurting their movement. It was a sad realization, and it affected me more than I would really care to admit.

However, I believe that the feminist movement should encompass equality and empowerment. Whether I want to be a fashion blogger, a high powered executive, or a carpenter, I should have the right to pursue what I love without judgement or glass ceilings. And if a man wants to pursue a career traditionally held by females, he should have the same rights.

Meeting Lubov and the other Vancouver women of fashion on Saturday made me feel like it was okay that I want to pursue something that others may view as ‘girly’ and ‘silly’, because the most important thing is that it’s what I want. I’m lucky to have the opportunity to do something that makes me happy, and I’m eternally grateful to the women who have paved the way to allow that to happen.

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Classics with a Twist

moonymay15_23 Who doesn’t love a classic white tee and jeans? Honestly, most of the time if I’m just running out to the store I’m not all that dressed up, so I do spent a lot of time wearing a lot of basics. It’s fun to mix it up sometimes though, and I love the look of sheer panels right now. A big part of the reason I love fashion is the sense of self expression it carries, they say first impressions matter and you know people judge you on what you look like before you can even open your mouth. My style spectrum is pretty broad at this point, but I’m only 23 and it’s hard to just pin down a particular style you want to stick with for the rest of my life! Sometimes it’s fun to let out a different side of you and experiment with who you want to be that day. moonymay15_24

Photos by Kaoverii Marapon

Photos by Kaoverii Marapon

Shirt: Nasty Gal Jeans: Rag and Bone Shoes: Sam Edelman 

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Fantastic Mr. Fox


As much as I adore all of Wes Anderson’s films, I think The Fantastic Mr. Fox has to be in my top three, if not my favourite one of them all. (The other two in the top three are The Darjeeling Limited and The Royal Tenenbaums, or maybe The Life Aquatic. I mean, who can really pick?) I wish I lived in a Wes Anderson world, the cinematography of his films make me so so happy, I mean (spoiler alert!) Jeff Goldblum getting killed was freaking whimsical in his last movie! At the very least I would like to vacation at the Grand Budapest Hotel or Camp Ivanhoe, I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

I can’t quite put my finger on the reason I like The Fantastic Mr. Fox best, but I suspect it’s a combination of mildly creepy animals, Mrs. Fox’s adorable dress, and George Clooney’s dreamy voice. Today I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes from the film.

“You’re different. We all are–him especially–but there’s something kind of fantastic about that, isn’t there?” – Mrs. Fox




Sweater: Talula
Skirt: Wilfred
Shoes: Aldo


Bonus amazing watercolour painting by Jen Tracy! I simply adore her style, and I’ve been talking about dying my hair purple with my hairdresser for a while now, doesn’t this feel almost serendipitous?


And can you believe Alkionti just whipped this up with a pen? Honestly, these two must have more artistic ability in their pinkies than i do in my entire body.

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Everything’s Coming Up (Red & Lacey) Roses




Sweater: Wilfred
Bralette: Wilfred Free

Pants: Uniqlo
Shoes: Sam Edelman

Oh hello, it’s me finally posting again! Can I just say how happy I am that summer is finally here in Vancouver? Honestly, the weather has been beautiful lately, I love not having to get bundled up into my big scarf and coat every time I want to go outside. I actually shot this outfit back in April with AliciaFashionista but didn’t end up posting it because the 7 jeans I was wearing get SO baggy and it looked sloppy. That day I was freezing in this exact outfit, and last Thursday it was clear skies and the perfect temperature for t-shirt and shorts. Perfect for people like me who don’t understand how to dress for cold weather.

On another weather related note: is it too nice out to wear dark lipstick now? But what if I want to get weird looks from people all year round? Well regardless, I’ve got that covered with this sweater. This was one of my favourite finds at the Aritzia warehouse sale this year, it reminds me of one of my style idols: Vanessa from The Haute Pursuit, who was one of the first fashion bloggers I ever followed. I love her style, it’s edgy, oozing with sex appeal, and she just owns it. Personally, sometimes it’s hard to remember that my body is mine, and mine alone, and I get to dictate what I put on it and nobody should be able to make me feel bad about it. When I wore this sweater to school and people gave me looks and whispered about me, it felt like I was back in high school all over again. Then I remembered that I am super fabulous and that slut shaming is for the petty. I’ll keep wearing what makes me feel good and everyone else can just mind their own business.



Bonus photo from April by Alicia! Feeling like Wednesday Addams all grown up here.



What’s In My Bag? Vol. 1

Is it just me or did the summer just fly by? Oh wait, no it’s just silly old me, choosing to take summer semester instead of enjoying the sun and beach like a sane person. I’m super bummed that I didn’t get around to blogging much during my three week break, but I caught this serious cold the first week and I’m still fighting it. That piled on with my cherry blossom allergies (April in Vancouver is like living in a cotton candy dream sometimes, beautiful but deadly for someone like me) and I haven’t been able to breathe through my nose in an entire month!

Today is the first day of summer semester though, and I thought I would do a little bag post! Or rather, the contents of my school bag. Exciting stuff, I know. This week I do have plans to do a little outfit shoot though, so regular posting is in the future! (fingers crossed, anyway.)


Clockwise from bottom left: BKR bottle, Parisian Chic day planner, Rosebud salve, J.Crew Card wallet, Valentino glasses, Givenchy Noir Revelateur lipstick, Apple earbuds, Le Pens (love these, they are my favourite pens ever, I have 4 of the pink ones so I never accidentally leave home without one.), Bite Beauty in Quince, Chloe Eau de Toilette rollerball, Moo cards, Garance Dore for Rifle Paper Co. notebook, and my ever trusty Macbook Air.

Throw in a bottle of kombucha for a late afternoon pick me up and I’m all ready to go. Or so I keep telling myself anyway. I think I need a kitten to cheer myself up.





Lip Service

lipserviceNatuarl copy

Most of my friends will tell you that I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with lipstick. The amount of lip product I carry in just my purse on a daily basis is mildly ridiculous. But the way I see it, I’ve pretty much been wearing the exact same overall make up look since I was 16 down to the same product in most cases, so different lippies are like, a necessity. Or so I tell myself every time I step into Sephora.

Today’s post is about my Top 10 lipsticks! For all the lip products I have, it was not difficult choosing the ten that made the cut, which should say a lot about how amazing they are:

Urban Decay “Naked” - You may not be able to tell in the pictures because I am drinking a bubble tea in the comparison picture, but Naked is pretty much the perfect nude, slightly less peachy than my natural colour. Finding my perfect nude took a really long time because a lot of neutral lipsticks wash me out completely. As a bonus, the formula for the Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks are creamy and hydrating, though regular reapplications are needed.

Chanel “Sourire” – This colour is so so so pretty. It’s a pale peachy pink with slight shimmer, which I usually dislike which is why this is the only frosty lipstick to make my top 10. I do find the formula to be a little on the gritty side, and it can be drying without a lip primer.

NARS “Niagra” – This is my MLBB lipstick. Slightly coral pink and gorgeous for summer when I finally get a little colour. This formula is never drying and stays put for most of the day until you eat or drink.

Bite Beauty “Violet” – I am obsessed with Bite Beauty’s high pigment pencils, they apply beautifully and are so creamy and lovely feeling. Plus they are made with food grade ingredients and a full of antioxidants. This colour is slightly avant garde, a bright lavender that I always get compliments on.

Bite Beauty “Quince” – Quince is the perfect every day red, slightly rosey with a blue tone that doesn’t overpower my intense paleness in the winter. (Once, I was outside looking at my arms and thinking about how strangely tanned I was for March and feeling pretty pleased about it. Then I realized I was wearing sunglasses and when I took them off the light reflecting off my white arms temporarily blinded me.)

NARS “Schiap” - I LOVE Schiap. It is such a fun colour for summer, it matches a Rebecca Minkoff purse I have perfectly (The Sawyer in Poppy Pink.) This colour was sold out at my local Sephora and NARS for weeks last summer, I finally got so desperate I called around to every store stocking NARS until I found that Murad at Oakridge had it in stock. Seriously obsession worthy.

Bite Beauty “Tannin” – Tannin is my holiday party red. It is deep, dramatic, and lovely. It does have a tendency to feather without a primer and pencil though, which can be a bit of an issue at times but if you take care in the application and don’t mind doing a quick mirror check every once in a while, it’s beautiful.

MAC “All Fired Up” - THIS IS MY HOLY GRAIL RED. It is very similar to Quince but it’s matte and with a touch more blue in the undertones. This is the red I wear to presentations and on dates, it’s gorgeous and makes me feel that way too. It never budges either, through food and drink and everything! I mean, it’s not going to stay on when things get hot and heavy, but you can give a boy a quick peck without turning him into Dr. Frankenfurter of Rocky Horror fame, which is always a plus in my books. I think I would cry if MAC ever discontinued this red. Actually, I’m all nervous just thinking about it, I think I’ll stock up next time I’m at the mall just in case…better safe than sorry right?

MAC “Rebel” – This was my first foray into purply lipsticks that took me wayyyy down the rabbit hole. It’s the perfect beginners purple, it honestly looks amazing on everyone. It’s a little vampy without going overboard and it’s my go-to colour in the fall.

NARS “Train Bleu” – This is the bottom of the purple lipstick rabbit hole and it is not for the faint of heart. It’s a deep almost black purple and it’s one of those colours that invite comments from your family about that phase you went through where you really wanted to be a witch (whatever, like nobody else ever wanted to go to Hogwarts.) It is great for days when you are feeling super dramatic or just want to channel your inner Wednesday Addams.

Swatches after the jump! xo

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