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Juice Cleanses, Love Them or Hate Them?

IMG_9055Cold pressed juice is one of the biggest trends to be hitting the health food market lately, we’ve got scores of juice places popping up all over Vancouver! While nobody can deny that unpasteurized vegetable juice is bad for you, juice cleansing is a pretty controversial subject. Some claim that it is a fad diet that could do more harm than good, and others claim that it gives your digestive system a rest from all the bad food you ingest on a regular basis and can actually be healing for your body. So which is it? Is it bad for your kidneys or great for your liver?

I did my first juice cleanse, from The People’s Juicery in Yaletown last summer, right before I noticed the giant backlash against juice cleansing. I actually felt pretty good about it at the end, and while I don’t really believe the claims that it cures cancer like some people say it can, I definitely found some benefits to it. So when Vitae Juice offered a 50% off Spring sale I decided to give it another go and really try to take note of any changes I felt.

Of course, you should never attempt any sort of drastic change in diet if you have underlying health issues to begin with, I had consulted with my doctor prior to my first juice cleanse and she gave me a clean bill of health and the go ahead (though she too was doubtful of any benefits I would reap, so that’s something to think about!) Juice cleansing may not be right for everyone, and I am certainly not endorsing endangering yourself as an experiment so please please please check in with your doctor before doing any sort of cleanse!

Onto the fun: the actual cleanse. I decided to go with the Restart cleanse from Vitae Juice (pictured above), it’s their beginners cleanse and as I was going through a particularly stressful semester I decided to just take it easy. Turns out it was actually great for a busy week! I could just wake up, grab a juice and go! I would throw them into a mini cooler bag with an icepack, keep that in my backpack and I wouldn’t have to stress out about meal prep at all. (+1 for the pro-juice team!)

The first time I did a cleanse, I was told to just chug the juice back as quickly as possible but I found this really difficult because the sugars would just hit my system so fast and I would crash and burn pretty quickly. This time around, I sipped on my juices over the course of an hour and I found that this helped stave off the feelings of hunger and exhaustion. A lot of people have bad side effects from the detox such as headaches and lethargy, which I definitely had on the first day (kicking that sugar addiction is harrrrd) but after that I found that the only side effect was irritability. I would get super cranky right before it was time for my next juice, and sitting through some of my classmates questions in my law class got my blood boiling sometimes when I am usually a pretty passive person. (-1 :()

At the end of the three days, I actually felt amazing. It’s important to note that this isn’t something you do to lose weight, because you’ll put it all back on when you go back to eating food, but it helped me kick refined sugars which I have been trying to do for AGES. (+1!)  I also found that by some miracle, my normally horrible hay fever had lessened (+1) which upon further googling, may have been due to cutting out all diary during the three days. As well, my skin looked amazing after, though during the pre-cleanse and first day my skin was broke out. Just to note, we were not talking a normal three-four pimples on my cheek break out here, it was like a Shawshank Redemption break out ALL OVER MY FACE. (+/- 1) So maybe if you have some big event to go to soon I wouldn’t start a juice cleanse right before. As well, after ending the three days my poor stomach could not handle solid food outside of leafy greens, so that yummy margherita flatbread I had been dreaming about for days had to wait. (-1, I get hangry.)

Overall, I think it’s a decent way to kickstart some healthy eating habits and it was definitely what I needed after eating a lot of junk while cramming for school. Maybe the health benefits are just a placebo effect but hey, positives are positives right? I am actually considering doing another one in May, possibly a 5 day cleanse just to really kick things up a notch! I’m looking at Vitae Juice’s Revamp cleanse, but the only thing I really did not enjoy was the monotony of the menu! It was kind of a bummer to drink the same juices every single day, it would have been nice to switch things up a little once in a while, which was a huge plus of The People’s Juicery. Their menu changes on a daily basis and you never know what you’re going to get that day! However, it should be noted that Vitae Juice does have a very diverse menu that can be ordered a la carte, it’s just their juice cleanses that are set for each day!


Review: Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment

Note: Today’s post is a guest post from one of my favouritest people in the world, the lovely Lesley of Looshlee. With any luck she will be doing this for wanderluxe on a semi-regular basis, going boldly into skincare and make up territory unchartered by well, me. My routine has stayed embarrassingly the same since I was 16 but hopefully Lesley will be changing that soon!


I first laid eyes on the Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment when Sephora decided to place the product on a pedestal in the middle of the skin section. Initially, I made some harsh judgements on the product based solely on its packaging. The packaging was simple enough: a small container placed inside a box. But the words, “Hollywood, California” combined with the sales associate telling me that “all celebrities use it”, made it seem tacky, almost like what you see on late night infomercials.

But one day, the inevitable happened. My usual Fresh mask was out of stock, and my skin was suffering from what could only be a case of too much chicken McNuggets consumed only after midnight. Again, a sales associate tried to sell the Glamglow Supermud to me. Remember what I said about tacky packaging? I lied. The associate grabbed a gift set which, if you fold it, transforms from a “girly-pink” package to a “manly-blue” packaging (she said it was to appeal to both genders). Okay, Glamglow, you win.
And let me start with saying that I have absolutely no regrets. I previously skimmed over a few reviews online, and many commenters mentioned that the Supermud was very effective in drawing out dirt, removing blackheads, and clearing overall blemishes.

When I first opened the box, my heart wept a little. For such massive packaging, and at $69 pre-tax, the container is tiny (the Sephora website states it is 1.2 ounces). Immediately after opening the lid, a strong scent of peppermint mixed with god-knows-what-organic-stuff came rushing out. Although it doesn’t smell terrible, I’ve also definitely smelt better face masks.

So time for the moment of truth. I smeared on a thin (the instructions emphasis the word thin) layer. And yes, smearing clay on your face does make you look scary. So to avoid judgement from my parents, I brought my Netflix into the bathroom and watched half an episode of Orange is the New Black.

When it came time to washing it off, a few simple splashes of warm water removed the mask from my face. I was worried at first, because I have used dark masks before that were nearly impossible to remove. Now that the process was done, I evaluated my face in the mirror. I looked… the exact same. Defeated, I went on to do my usual night routine of watching TV and pretending to do homework.

However, when I woke up the next morning, and my skin felt amazing. Granted, I wasn’t “glowing” like the packaging implies, but my skin felt significantly smoother, and my blackheads actually looked smaller. Although the instructions suggest using the full-face mask once a week, I decided to also try spot-treatments the following days. I have these massive acne scars on the side of my face that I decided would face the wrath of the Glamglow. And in two days, you barely noticed they were there; and in a week, they were gone. Also, because it cleared up my skin so quickly, I found that I didn’t need to use it as much as I thought, and therefore, it has lasted me much longer than expected (I bought it two months ago, and I still have half a container remaining).

GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment can be purchased here.

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What Would Mindy Wear?


Mindy Kaling is my number one on Tuesday nights. She is pretty much everything, and if by some miracle Mindy became my best friend she would be top tier (Sorry Victoria, but Mindy rules everything.) Today’s post is inspired by Mindy Lahiri’s amazing style, The Mindy Project wardrobe is seriously fantastic. Perfectly ladylike dresses for work, bright and colourful accessories, and the cutest work out outfits I have ever seen. Ever since “Danny C is my Personal Trainer” aired, all I’ve wanted is to wear J.Crew to the gym.

The past few weeks I’ve ogled at tons of Mindy Kaling’s amazing personal style from events such as SXSW but in order to fully curb my TMP withdrawal I’ve channelled my inner Dr. L and made up a WWMW shopping list. Now all I need are a pair of Fat Steps and Mindy and I will be Keira-Knightley-running-errands adorable.

1. Mason by Michelle Mason sweater

2. J.Crew Vivid Lemon Crystal Necklace

3. Kate Spade Ceder Street Maise

4. Victoria Beckham Dress

5. Markus Lupper Track Pants 

6. Markus Lupper Sweatshirt

7. Diane Von Furstenberg Dress

8. Fendi Skirt

I can’t believe I still have to wait another seven whole days to see the fall out from the big kiss!

This post can also be seen on Capital Q Creative!

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Lessons Learned





Setbacks are an inevitable part of life. We all experience them at some point or another, and you never really know when the next one is coming. I had a pretty big setback yesterday, and sometimes the worse part of really screwing something up isn’t the fact that you’ve made a huge mess, it’s knowing that you’re not the only one swimming in it. Yesterday I let myself down, and even worse: I let my team down. It’s not an easy thing to contend with, even when the people around you are as gracious and forgiving as my friends are.

However, the one silver lining in falling down is that there’s always a lesson to be learned. Sometimes you get lucky like I did this time and the lessons are obvious and right in front of you, and other times it’s a little foggier and harder to understand. But the most important thing I’ve learned is to have faith that the lesson is there because it will always comes with time.

Coat: Wilfred Cocoon Coat
Scarf: Wilfred
Shirt: Unknown
Jeans: Rag & Bone
Necklace: J.Crew
Boots: BC Footwear
Bag: Kenneth Cole

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Weekend Grind

moonyfeb7_23moonyfeb7_19moonyfeb7_25Photos by Kaoverii Marapon
Photos by Kaoverii Marapon

I think everybody needs a perfect knit sweater, something comfortable and pretty that you can just throw on with jeans on the weekend and not think about it. For me this Mink Pink sweater hits all the marks: it’s soft (there is nothing more unbearable than an itchy sweater,) a little slouchy, and straddles that line between on trend and understated. It’s the perfect low key outfit for setting up in a coffee shop or library and grinding out all your school work.

Mink Pink sweater
Rag & Bone jeans
Madewell boots
Alexis Bittar necklace
House of Harlow ring
Juicy Couture bracelet


Wanderluxe Feature: Alicia Fashionista


To most of you, today’s Wanderluxe feature will be a familiar face. Alicia Quan of aliciafashionista is a regular on the Vancouver fashion and lifestyle scene and one of the most prominent bloggers in our gorgeous city. She’s also the owner of Capital Q Creative, where I’m currently interning! Wanderluxe features are all about people who aren’t afraid to pave their own way and embody their personal style in every aspect of their lives. Between her crazy successful blog and starting her own social media company at 26, I don’t know anyone who would argue that Alicia doesn’t fit that bill to a T.

I mean, I might be totally biased here because I totally adore the girl (best boss ever: work consists of twitter, instagram, coffee, and talking about The Mindy Project, what’s not to love?) but I don’t know a lot of people who are as fashionable and multi-talented as Alicia. She’s been featured in the Glitter Guide and Refinery Magazine among other publications and her growing roster of clients only attest to the fact that this girl is the real deal when it comes to social media savvy.


I’m pretty sure if we had another intern they would probably call me a suck up at this point. So let’s switch lanes, why don’t I tell you about how I met Alicia in the first place?

I’ve actually written a feature on Alicia before for Stylust Magazine, but the first time I met Alicia in person was at the North Vancouver Joe Fresh grand opening when I was at Framework Magazine, which I almost hope she doesn’t remember because I was incredibly awkward. I’m not exactly the smoothest person to begin with but that day I exceeded my personal expectation of how weird I could act in a social setting. When Bria (the editor of Framework) originally invited me to go with her to the Joe Fresh opening I was pretty excited. I like Joe Fresh, they make cute clothes and their lipsticks are on point, plus it would be such a great opportunity to network and meet new people. And hello? Discount, free food, free booze? I was so there.

Unfortunately, poor planning on my part led to day 3 of my very first juice fast falling on the same day as the Joe Fresh opening. All morning at Framework I kept telling myself “it’s going to be totally cool, I have two more juices in the fridge and I am so strong and dedicated to this! There’s only a few more hours, I can totally make it the rest of the day, even if it involves an event with free food.” 2 juices and 4 hours later: I wasn’t so much hungry as I was ready to kill somebody for something deep fried and greasy. A lot of experienced juicers will tell you that fasting eliminates your desire for bad foods and fills you with energy. These people are liars.

The drive up to North Vancouver passed by in a fuzzy, sugar withdrawal blur. One minute I was at the Frameworks office and the next I found myself in North Vancouver meeting Alicia, Jennifer of Prairie Girl in the City,  Randa of The Unprecedented, and countless other bloggers for the first time while struggling to not attack an innocent cater waiter when he offered me caprese salad on a stick. I remember being introduced to Alicia and saying the cursory “nice to meet you blah blah blahs” and then just blankly thinking “I should probably say something to keep the conversation goi–omg, is that server bringing albacore tuna over here?!” I’m pretty sure at that point I went into panic mode and I spent the rest of the event desperately avoiding eye contact with anybody just in case they wanted to offer me hors d’oeuvres or wine.

Fortunately, this may have worked to my advantage (or not, I mean ideally I would have rather not been the biggest weirdo at Joe Fresh) because I’m pretty sure NOBODY remembers me from that day except for one or two servers who noticed me actively hiding from them. That or Alicia was just too nice to bring it up when I contacted her several months later asking about an internship position.


Nevertheless, I am interning at Capital Q now, and at our last meeting we took these stunning photos and I picked Alicia’s brains a little to learn more about her and where she’d like her blog and business to go.

W: In the years since you’ve started your blog, how has your style evolved? Do you think you stayed true to a single fashion philosophy during that time? 

A: I think any changes in my style have been organic.  Having a blog in your twenties just means that a process of growing up and evolving is inevitable.  I always try to wear things that are figure flattering and that I love.  It’s all about being confident in your personal style.

Is there a piece that’s always stuck out for you? Something that you’ll probably never get rid of? 

One of the first designer things I ever purchased was an adorable Betsey Johnson dress.  Has a burgundy background with a colourful bow pattern.  Sounds really out there, but it’s actually quite sweet.  I bought it right at the beginning of my career in the fashion industry and it reminds me so much of that time.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to part with that one.

Obviously blogging is a big part of your life now, but how do you think it has impacted your life the most? What’s your favourite thing about blogging?

Blogging has changed everything about my life.  I was able to leave my nine to five and carve my own path in the industry.  The network I’ve built online and in person has the biggest impact on me.  I feel so lucky to know so many wonderful people in this city.  My favourite thing about blogging is probably just the possibilities.  Who knows where this strange blog world will go, but I’m so excited to find out!

When you were growing up, what kind of career did you see yourself having? Does Capital Q fit that vision at all? 

Pretty sure when I was a kid, I wanted to be a Spice Girl.  So no, Capital Q doesn’t quite fulfill my dreams of pop singer fame.  It does, however, align with my lifelong vision of owning my own business.  Thankfully a social media company is a step up from our old cul-de-sac lemonade stands.

Where do you see your blog and Capital Q in a year? 

I always have big plans for the blog.  I’m trying to expand it from just fashion to other lifestyle articles and Vancouver specific content.  Then there are specific goals like, say, NYFW in the fall!  As for Capital Q, we hope to have our client base expanded by then.  Happy to report that so far, everything is on track for 2014!

Best/Worst thing about owning a small business?

The best and worst part of being a small business owner is definitely the freedom.  You choose the hours, who you work with, and how much you can take on.  This also means you have to be completely self-motivated ALL the time and that finding a work/life balance is like coming across a unicorn in the forest.  After two and a half years of this though, I have to say that the pros always outweigh the cons.

What is your must have for the coming season? Is there anything you’re currently coveting? (Personally, I am dying for J.Crew to come out with a matte leather version of their Everly heels. I made up dream shoes in my head and now I can’t find them and it’s killing me inside. I’ve also made up a billion perfect outfits to go with my imaginary shoes and now my imaginary closet is bursting at the seams.) 

Since it’s having a moment and it’s sooo my style, I’m going to stock up on full midi skirts.  And I’m currently lusting after a pair of Karen Walker sunglasses.  They’re a spring/summer essential!

And finally, because for some reason I feel like I can’t end an interview without a silly totally cliché question, describe your dream dinner party! 

Oooh you know I love clichés!  My dream dinner party would be a girl crush fest.  Jenna Lyons, Kristin Wiig, Florence Welch, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mindy Kaling,  The Olsen Twins, Jennifer Lawrence, Olivia Palermo, Emma Stone, and my best friend Jessica so that I’d have someone there to share in the celebrity overload.  I imagine the evening would be super stylish, really funny, and a little bit weird.

Photos by Kaoverii Marapon

Photos by Kaoverii Marapon

Follow Alicia on instagram and on twitter, and while you’re at it show Capital Q Creative some love too! Capital Q Instagram, Capital Q Twitter

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Raw Beauty Talks on Stylust Magazine


Erin and Sunny Shum at a Raw Beauty shoot

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Erin Treloar of Raw Beauty Talks and chatting with her about well, everything under the sun. She is just the sweetest person you could ever meet. I’ve been so blessed to meet so many amazing women through my internships and my work at Stylust Magazine, and I can’t wait for you to find out more about all these amazing women either through this blog or through Stylust. Check out Erin’s feature on Stylust Magazine here!

Raw Beauty Talks is all about empowering women to be confident in who they are, wrinkles, freckles, squishy bits and all. As well as interviewing Erin, I also had the pleasure of participating in a Raw Beauty shoot. It was an eye opening experience, I had never given much in depth thought to the way women view themselves prior to this. Sure, I knew that the media perpetuated this beauty ideal and women suffered low self esteem as a result of it, but every year I watched the Victoria Secret fashion show and hated myself all the same. After my Raw Beauty experience (which I will cover in more detail in my next Stylust article,) I’m more careful with the way I look at myself and the way I treat myself and others.

Maybe it’s the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon at work or maybe this is the newest (most welcome) trend, but after meeting Erin I’ve also noticed a ton of movements dedicated towards building women popping up all over. This Soul Pancake series “That’s What She Said” has become a particular favourite of mine, I highly recommend checking the rest of the series out as well!


Follow Erin on twitter here, Raw Beauty talks here, and Soul pancake here.